Alina Timchenko

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06 Jun: How Cutters is Digitalising Europe’s Hairdressing Industry – Ørjan Johnsen, CMO at Cutters 

Imagine you are in a salon, getting a haircut and the phone at the salon’s reception keeps ringing continuously. After some time, your hairdresser leaves your haircut midway and attends the call, answers the caller’s queries regarding haircuts and pricing, checks the calendar, negotiates dates and timings, books an appointment for the caller and then finally comes back to finish your haircut. This is a bad experience and a waste of time for everyone – you as the customer getting the haircut, the hairdresser and the prospective customer on the phone. What if these reservations and the allied activities could be digitalised? Natalie Seatter, Chief Product Officer at OAG, has years of experience in the tech industry and shared the valuable lessons she has learned in driving digital, data and broader business transformation, through developing highly effective and resilient teams.


09 May: CRM Techniques for Building Strong Relationships With Prospective Customers — Marianna Nikoghosyan, CRM & Analytics Manager at Electromaps

As new technologies emerge, companies that need to service these new products are emerging and identifying how they fit into the new product lifecycle. One such technology is electric vehicles, which has led to the emergence of new car manufacturers and vehicle charging stations.