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25 Apr: How to Build Technical CRM Talent — Anna Moskal, Technical CRM Manager at TIER

The structure of CRM teams is constantly in flux as the discipline evolves alongside the pace of technological changes. The last five years have led to a fundamental shift as companies look less for CRM marketers with expertise in copy and image development, and more for experts in analytics, coding and other technical skills. 

Anna Moskal (Anna) – Technical CRM Manager at TIER Mobility (TIER), a fully climate-neutral micro-mobility company – has experienced this shift firsthand while transitioning from a traditional CRM role to one that is focused on empowering the CRM team to produce increasingly complex communications. In this article, Anna shares the differences between traditional and technical CRM, and how companies can best manage the transition to this new discipline.


01 Feb: Building the Digital-First Mindset with Talent Garden’s CDO, Alessandro Braga

To connect tech talents, Talent Garden offers a unique combination of co-working campuses, internal educational institutions, and industry-driven events. In order to empower digital and tech communities, their mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses. We spoke to Talent Garden’s CDO and Author TAG Book “Digital Transformation”, Alessandro Braga about building a digital-first mindset, collaborative learning and the future of products.