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21 Mar: CRM is the Gold Mine for Every Business – Giovanni Luca Randisi, VP – Product, home24 SE

An unending curiosity, a deep sense of responsibility, and the desire to support people relentlessly – these personality traits briefly describe the drivers behind Giovanni Luca Randisi’s (Giovanni) illustrious career. Giovanni, Vice President – Product, home24 SE, has held diverse roles across industries, giving him a rich experience in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

In this article, he talks about the trends in CRM, customer centricity, and the need for Data, Product, and Marketing to work synchronously to achieve business goals.


10 Feb: It’s Time to be Braver as a Marketer and Dare to Try New Things – Linda Palmgren, CEO, Bauer Media Audio, Sweden

“Currently, 40% of media consumption is audio, which is predicted to rise to 50% by 2025. However, the advertising spends on audio are not keeping pace with this trend, presenting a huge opportunity for marketers to invest in audio advertising and reach their audience in new and innovative ways”, says Linda Palmgren (Linda), CEO, Bauer Media Audio, Sweden – a part of the leading audio entertainment company in Europe and Bauer Media Group. In this article, Linda talks about the current trends in media consumption, their impact on the relationship between brands and their consumers and the new ways to connect with the consumers in keeping with these trends.