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30 May: Using Digital Transformation as a Competitive Advantage to Grow – Kerry Ho-Van Rensburg, Digital Marketing Director, Ignition Group CX

In this article, Kerry Ho-Van Rensburg (Kerry), Digital Marketing Director, Ignition Group CX (one of Africa’s largest investors in technology, media, telecommunications, and financial services sectors) talks about the importance of Digital Transformation for businesses. Against the backdrop of her career journey, she shares valuable insights on how to ace a digital marketing growth story.  


20 Jan: The 3 Pillars of Modern Customer Engagement with Aleksandra Varakina, Data and CRM Leader at Massive Rocket 

CRM projects often start with high expectations — streamlining operations, improving productivity, or increasing sales. However, one of the fundamental mistakes made during any CRM implementation is viewing it as a mere technology hook-up; CRM adoption requires a holistic approach that considers the entire organisation.