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17 May: The Power of Localisation in Customer Engagement – Evgeniya Kurmacheva, CRM Team Lead at Tier Mobility SE

As global companies embrace analytics and new technologies to scale their CRM capabilities, some are relying on automation and data-driven personalisation while neglecting creativity and the power of localised content. 

Evgeniya Kurmacheva, CRM Team Lead at TIER Mobility has to effectively balance the CRM requests of the 17 different countries that TIER operates in. In this article Evgeniya shares how to combine market knowledge with CRM best practice to build relationships at the global level.


09 May: CRM Techniques for Building Strong Relationships With Prospective Customers — Marianna Nikoghosyan, CRM & Analytics Manager at Electromaps

As new technologies emerge, companies that need to service these new products are emerging and identifying how they fit into the new product lifecycle. One such technology is electric vehicles, which has led to the emergence of new car manufacturers and vehicle charging stations. 


21 Mar: CRM is the Gold Mine for Every Business – Giovanni Luca Randisi, VP – Product, home24 SE

An unending curiosity, a deep sense of responsibility, and the desire to support people relentlessly – these personality traits briefly describe the drivers behind Giovanni Luca Randisi’s (Giovanni) illustrious career. Giovanni, Vice President – Product, home24 SE, has held diverse roles across industries, giving him a rich experience in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

In this article, he talks about the trends in CRM, customer centricity, and the need for Data, Product, and Marketing to work synchronously to achieve business goals.