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11 Apr: Building a High-performing Product-led Organisation — Natalie Seatter, CPO at OAG

The pace of technological change has led to companies, industries and leaders facing turbulence and chaos that has upended the established way of work. However, those who are able to leverage the chaos can channel it into creating new structures, products and innovations that can propel their teams and companies ahead of the competition. 

Natalie Seatter, Chief Product Officer at OAG, has years of experience in the tech industry and shared the valuable lessons she has learned in driving digital, data and broader business transformation, through developing highly effective and resilient teams.


11 Apr: Creating engaging content that strikes a chord with your corporate clients— Giulia Mendoliera, Head of Digital and Content at Speexx

The Internet is inundated with content. For every piece you publish, you’re competing not only with a slew of videos, articles, and blogs but also for a limited attention span and time that your audience can dispense with. This is truer for the B2B customers, where the audience’s attention is invariably tied to other more pressing demands.