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Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7580 24771
Why Join the Massive Rocket Community?
First of all, it’s super fun!
Exchange knowledge with peers
Meet cool people
Find your next role
Hire new team members
Learn about new technologies

It is reassuring to see what others are doing.. Not everyone is airbnb… and even airbnb is struggling in some areas.. We all face the same problems and it’s great to talk about them together…

How does it work?
We will learn about you and your interests
We will add you to a crew on whatsapp (closed group)
We will setup closed workshops (6/7 people) with industry peers
We do this for free and you can opt-out at any time!
We do not record the sessions
What is the format?

We will setup 1 hour online workshops

We will email you a little brief and a few questions before the workshop and give you time prepare (nothing really hard!)

We will add you to our closed group on LinkedIn before so you can meet the others, ask questions and cheat a little if you wanted to 🙂 

During the workshop, you will be asked to present (5/10 minutes max) your approach to the challenge and the other will have the opportunity to ask you questions or comment .

How do I get started?
Contact: Thierry Sequeira:
Whatsapp: +44(0) 7580 24771 – I will add you to our closed linkedIn Group. You can also request access here
What is Massive Rocket?

Massive Rocket is a Digital Growth Marketing agency based in London, Brussels and Moscow.

We have been helping companies (Fintech, Banking, Aviation, Energy, .. ) build and scale digital products in Europe, the US and Russia. We focus on Digital Product Analytics, Marketing Automation and Product Development. We have run workshop with some of the biggest banks in Europe and Russia.

What do we get out of this?

Our Mission is to make businesses more human. That has to start with us. We want to connect with peers from the industry and delivery value every step along the way.

Our customers will be included in these workshops and this will add value to them.

Finally, we are an agency. So if there are ever any problems we can help with later on… you know where to find us!