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Insights: The Future of CRM (Vol 2)

Insights Vol 2 (1)

What Does The Future Of CRM Look Like?

The team at Massive Rocket interviewed experts in CRM, Data, Marketing Technology and Product to get their thoughts on the evolution of customer relationship management.

  • Today, customers expect every company they do business with to act and interact like their favorite technology brands.
  • The way businesses engage with their consumers needs to evolve constantly in order to keep up.
  • CRM is not just people building lists and sending newsletters, it’s your competitive advantage.

Check out the full report below

Use the arrows in the bottom left of the presentation to navigate through the slides.

Featured Guests

Amit Kumar – Head of Marketing Technology @ Photobox

Cliff Kim – Director of Insights & Analytics @ Fender

Karan Gupta – Head of Retention @ Grover

Benoit Terpereau – Chief Product Officer @ Ocus

Timothy Lange – Team Lead People Experience @ Grover

Cornelia Reh – Head of Product @ Flexclub

Oscar Flórez – VP of Product @ Habi

Bernardo Martins – Luxury Division Digital Marketing Head @ L’Oréal Luxe

Anthony Douglas – Founder & CEO @ Hole19

Kay Hartleb – Head of CRM @ Lingoda

Featured Technology Partners

Braze (CRM) – Customer Engagement Platform

Segment (CDP) – Customer Data Platform

mParticle (CDP) – Customer Data Platform

Mixpanel (Analytics) – Customer Insights

amplitude (Analytics) – Customer Insights


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