Leveraging Census to accelerate Braze projects: faster time-to-value & better business outcomes with Massive Rocket, Global Braze Consultancy

Leveraging Census to accelerate Braze projects: faster time-to-value & better business outcomes with Massive Rocket, Global Braze Consultancy

Massive Rocket: Global Success for Braze Customers

With 100+ engagements across the EMEA, US and APAC regions, Massive Rocket and Braze have consistently delivered value, transformed organizations and accelerated outcomes for customers such as Gopuff, Hastings, Euroleague Basketball & Deezer.

Massive Rocket is a business and technology consulting company focused on delivering value to Braze customers across global industries like Media, Gaming & Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Sports, and Banking. In the last 5 years, the team at Massive Rocket have built a robust Customer Data Management team of experts to solve complex data challenges for Braze customers.

Massive Rocket’s team helps brands migrate their 360 Marketing Customer View into cloud data warehouses (Snowflake, GCP & AWS), then transforms them into marketing growth engines with the Composable CDP approach. These enable brands to deploy tailored solutions that fit their unique customer data management and marketing needs. 

The Composable CDP Accelerates Time-to-Value by 3x

A Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an advanced version of a traditional Customer Data Platform. It is designed to be more flexible, modular, and adaptable to the specific needs of a business.

Alvaro Ferrer, Customer Data Management Practice Lead at Massive Rocket, emphasizes the remarkable potential unlocked when integrating a Cloud Data Warehouse into the Braze ecosystem. Key benefits include: faster integration, cleaner data and the ability to execute more use cases, thereby achieving faster ROI.

“Once we started connecting Cloud Data Warehouses to Braze projects, Massive Rocket saw customers up and running almost 3 times faster than before. After 20 years of building data teams to transform organizations, this is still one of the most exciting developments that I have seen in this space.” Mitra Daram, Snowflake Practice Lead at Massive Rocket

Braze Users Activate their Data to Grows Customer Lifetime Value

Braze is a customer engagement platform that provides businesses with tools to engage with their customers across various digital channels, including email, push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and more. Formerly known as Appboy, Braze helps companies create personalized and targeted messaging campaigns to enhance customer relationships and drive user engagement.

Braze, known for its cutting-edge customer engagement platform, offers brands a refreshing alternative to traditional legacy marketing cloud providers. Frustrated by the slow time-to-market and lackluster returns associated with legacy platforms, brands are seeking a more agile solution. 

Census Supercharges Braze with Fresh Customer Data

Census and Braze serve over 100 joint customers such as Activision, Canva, Zip, and Hover. Census is the #1Data Activation platform that empowers marketers to leverage their cloud data to launch faster and more intelligent campaigns..

Census enables Braze customers to sync their 360 customer view to Braze and build dynamic audiences with a no-code segment builder, massively accelerating time-to-value.

Census Audience Hub: Faster turnaround time for marketing audiences 

Canva is the most popular design platform in the world, with over 125 million monthly users in 200 countries.

According to Canva’s Lifecycle Marketing team, creating audience segments directly in Census dramatically improves marketing efficiency. In the past, creating a new audience was restricted by their warehouse team’s deployment cycle, which is a huge bottleneck for marketing teams. With Census Audience Hub, you can build audiences upstream of any MarTech tooling, allowing accurate and reusable segmentation that isn’t siloed in any one tool. This also enables marketing teams to seamlessly export audiences across other advertising and engagement channels for omnichannel strategies. 

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In summary, Massive Rocket’s partnership with Braze has reshaped customer engagement. To harness the transformative power of Composable CDPs in Braze ecosystems using Census, please get in touch with us today. Your path to success begins now!

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Alvaro Ferrer
Alvaro Ferrer

CDP & Data Practice Lead Massive Rocket (Data & CRM Consultancy) helps companies use data to understand their customers and automate communications across channels to generate predictable growth.

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