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Deliver Impactful Product & Marketing Sessions to Cross-functional Teams In Just 60 Minutes

by Massive Rocket

Deliver Impactful Product & Marketing Workshops to Cross-functional Teams In Just 60 Minutes

‘Thierry Sequeira and the team at Massive Rocket have refined an efficient, hands-on approach to solving product and marketing challenges. Try the book and try a Mission.’

Your mission should you choose to accept it…

The Mission Workshop offers a transformative formula for generating product ideas and marketing campaigns in short periods of time. This framework captures the learnings from hundreds of workshops and will enable you to come up with innovative solutions by starting with your goals, focusing your efforts on the right challenges and working as a team to get to actionable outcomes.

The power of the Mission Workshop lies in its simplicity. You can pick up this book and start running basic versions of the Mission Workshop the same day.

Who is this book for? 

Entrepreneurs, product owners, product managers, CRM managers, marketing managers, … Whether you are a large organisation, a small startup or a new team, the Mission Workshop will allow you to find a common language, kick-start projects, collaborate with new team members and generate ideas in short periods of time (60 minutes).

About the Authors

The Mission Workshop was co-authored by the team at Massive Rocket and summarizes our learnings from over a hundred digital projects (product, marketing and engineering) and decades of experience running hundreds of online and face-to-face workshops.

What is Massive Rocket? 

Massive Rocket is a digital agency that helps businesses be more human: personal, relevant, valuable, genuine & compassionate. Massive Rocket helps companies understand their customers, build beautiful experiences and automate communications. Key services include: Strategy, Data, Analytics, CRM automation & Product Development.

Join the Massive Rocket Community

The first thing you want to do now is get some practice. We have been developing a large online community of digital leaders in Product, Marketing, Engineering, Data, Analytics, CRM, … from the largest and fastest growing businesses in the world.

We run regular online sessions where you will be able to participate in Mission Workshops or practice leading them with our support. This is a great opportunity for you to get to experience the format first hand, ask questions and get better at running workshops. It is also an amazing way of connecting with a community of industry professionals.

Participate in your first workshops with industry leaders!

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