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MobileOne 2019: The European Mobile Conference

We got invited by our friends at (thank you!) to join them at MobileOne this month.

MobileOne is a European Mobile Conference that used to be very focused on technology but is more and more moving towards Mobile Marketing and Strategy.

Here are a few exciting quotes and things that we learnt while we were over there from two of the talks.

Talk 1: User Experience and Push messaging for a Neo-bank targeting 12-25 year old,

The First talk we watched was delivered by Simon Dawlat (CEO, batch), Scott Gordon (CEO, Kard) and Fabien Penso (CTO, Kard).

“Banking is following the same disruption as music. Its the same products at the end of the day but the distribution method has completely changed.” -Simon Dawlat (CEO, batch)

Kard wants to be the bank of the future. The first bank that you have. You can open an account in under 2 minutes and they have over 100K members.

“With the new generation, you need to be super authentic. They buy into brands and lifestyle not features and functions. We were using N26 and Revolut forever but the experience is super boring (“Chiant” in french ). The younger generation wants social use cases in every scenario. Every spend is special for that generation. There are a lot of moments in a purchase decision.” – Scott Gordon (CEO, Kard)

Why outsource push messaging rather than build in-house?

“Kids will crucify you if you have any down time. Uptime, time to market and quality of service is paramount. CRM and messaging are the life blood of the service. Payment confirmations, connection requests, fraud detection, …. ” – Fabien Penso (CTO, Kard)

Talk 2: Building and Prioritising Product Features at Deezer

Benoit Terpereau – VP product at Deezer, French music and audio streaming service. Benoit leads a team of 25 product managers.

Empathy is critical for product owners.

However, you need to remember that you are not your users. Your users are not in the same places as you, they don’t have the same phones, don’t have the same life and don’t have the same context.

The other issue you will face is that everyone has ideas: you, your team, your CEO, your friends, your family… We actually talked about this very topic in one of our earlier blog posts: Why Do it if you cannot measure it?

To solve this issue, you need to focus on problems. What are the problems that your users are trying to solve? then apply the 3/3 rule: Data + User Feedback + Expertise. Start with data and user insights and let your users chose.

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