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01 Feb: Building the Digital-First Mindset with Talent Garden’s CDO, Alessandro Braga

To connect tech talents, Talent Garden offers a unique combination of co-working campuses, internal educational institutions, and industry-driven events. In order to empower digital and tech communities, their mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses. We spoke to Talent Garden’s CDO and Author TAG Book “Digital Transformation”, Alessandro Braga about building a digital-first mindset, collaborative learning and the future of products.


20 Jan: The 3 Pillars of Modern Customer Engagement with Aleksandra Varakina, Data and CRM Leader at Massive Rocket 

CRM projects often start with high expectations — streamlining operations, improving productivity, or increasing sales. However, one of the fundamental mistakes made during any CRM implementation is viewing it as a mere technology hook-up; CRM adoption requires a holistic approach that considers the entire organisation.


15 Nov: The Growing Importance of Technical CRM — Melissa Mostowys, Technical CRM Manager at Kaia Health

The rapid evolution of technology today has resulted in many new roles and job scopes for various industries. Technical CRM is among the many nascent fields that are gaining momentum in Europe and globally. 

We spoke to Melissa Mostowys, Technical CRM Manager at Kaia Health on her experiences as a CRM Tech and lifecycle strategist, and why Technical CRM will be increasingly relevant for businesses now and in the future. 


27 Oct: Using CRM to Build Meaningful Global Relationships — David Martin, Global Head of CRM at Cabify

Sending CRM communications within a single country is a straightforward affair; you have a relatively homogeneous customer base and can tailor your value proposition directly to your core customer base.  The same cannot be said for global CRM.  

David Martin, Global Head of CRM at Cabify, is well aware of the challenges of conducting effective CRM on a global scale. In this article David shares his fundamental CRM principles, and how Cabify overcomes the complexities of multi-country CRM to build strong customer relationships.