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Ignition Group Deploys Next-gen Multi-channel Engagement & Personalisation with Snowflake


Ignition Group Customer Story

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Founded in 2002 by brothers Sean and Donovan Bergsma, Ignition Group is one of Africa’s largest investors in technology, media, telecommunications, and financial services sectors, providing a platform for sustainability and success. It is a globally recognised acquisition, sales, performance marketing, and distribution company focused on its people and partners.


It partners with some of the most progressive organisations to enhance the latter’s customer acquisition and retention strategies with its innovative approach and pivotal data-driven insights.

Ignition Group’s forward-thinking approach helps them connect with consumers in a more personalised and efficient way, growing their partners’ customer base, and helping them adapt and stay relevant as the world changes.


The Challenge

Ignition Group comprises several group companies with different business models in the media, technology, e-commerce, telecommunications, and financial services space. Each of these business units has different types of customers, products, technology stacks, and customer data sets. 


To consolidate its humongous data, the Ignition Group started its journey toward cloud transformation by moving customer data into Snowflake, a Data Warehouse (DW). However, because of the complexity of the business, the Ignition Group’s Marketing team needed assistance to manage and distribute their data across their marketing stack. Significantly, managing user consent across different digital properties was one of the key challenges.

The Solution/Approach

Massive Rocket helped the Ignition Group’s Marketing team select, deploy, and integrate a marketing stack that delivered rapid value to initial business units while considering the requirements of all the other business units for a future transformation roadmap.


The Massive Rocket team started by understanding the different stakeholders and aligning them as per business goals and priorities. Based on the initial interviews with the stakeholders, the Massive Rocket team was able to compile a list of initial technology vendors required to address the high-priority challenges and use cases. After careful consideration, the Massive Rocket team piloted two different Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions before moving the optimal vendor to production.

The team then activated the data through the CDP into the Customer Engagement platform in order to run multi-channel personalised campaigns.


The Results

Massive Rocket was instrumental in achieving several outcomes for the Marketing team at Ignition Group over the course of the project. It helped in prioritising the latter’s goals and objectives, and defining initiatives and use cases, which provided clarity and direction to the team’s marketing efforts. 


Massive Rocket helped activate an initial end-to-end use case, which was a critical step in demonstrating the benefits of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and ensuring the team was on track to realise its goals. 

Massive Rocket also enabled CDP implementation, covering everything from data collection, identity management, and integration to data activation using the existing marketing technology stack. This enabled the Marketing team at Ignition Group to gain a more comprehensive understanding of its customers and personalise its marketing efforts. Massive Rocket provided an overall solution roadmap and phased implementation approach to Ignition Group’s Marketing team, ensuring that it had a clear understanding of the steps required to implement its CDP fully.


Furthermore, Massive Rocket assisted in identifying and enabling new revenue streams, given its deep knowledge and expertise in the field. Massive Rocket also helped define the process for historical data import and the tracking plan for the CDP and Snowflake. 

Next steps

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