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Our Mission
Making businesses more Human: Personal, Relevant, Valuable, Genuine, Compassionate.
Massive Rocket Brand
Why Massive Rocket?

It’s what Buzz Aldrin called Apollo 11. 

The Apollo 11 Project is considered to be one of the greatest technological endeavours in the history of man kind.

To put a man on the moon, the Apollo program employed over 400,000 engineers, scientists, and technicians from more than 20,000 companies and universities who worked on the program.

The near impossible task of managing this vast pyramid of people across America fell to the Apollo programme manager George Müller.

The success of the operation is however not only about technology. It was due to a transparent approach to reporting, teamwork and communication.

People, Process and Platform. That’s what it takes to build a Massive Rocket capable of taking a man to the moon.

Massive Rocket Values
We bring value to our stakeholders every day.
We Lead with

#1 Customer-Centricity

We exist for our customers success. We work hard, we deliver results quickly and we fight for them. We measure our performance through our customers’ eyes. We are proactive and we keep setting the bar higher for ourselves. We embrace end-to-end ownership, responsibility and accountability.

#2 Compassion

We listen, we understand and we help. We take care of our customers (and their customers), we take care of each other,  we take care of our organisation and we take care of our community. We all succeed and grow together.

We Deliver with

#3 Humility

We respect others, their values and their perspectives. We continuously learn and adapt. Humility also means doing the research and making decisions based on data and facts.

#4 Authenticity

We put our personality and heart into our work. Everything we do, we do with passion for our clients, our communities and our organisation. We are not afraid to be Human and we never compromise on integrity.

#5 Pragmatism

We are dreamers but we are connected to reality. We specialise in rapidly moving from dreams towards practical solutions and sustainable growth. We don’t just complain. We do research, find solutions and put them into practice.

We Grow.

After helping our customers and team grow, our final responsibility is to our shareholders. We must make a sound profit in order to carry out our mission. We must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed, investments made for the future and mistakes paid for. New equipment must be purchased, new facilities provided and new products launched. Reserves must be created to provide for adverse times. 

We are hiring

Our offices are in London and Belgium but you can apply from anywhere and work remote and part-time forever. We are just looking for the best people anywhere in the world.

Get in touch if you are interested in knowing more: thierry@massiverocket.com

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Upcoming roles


You will be working as part of a larger engineering team on a support and maintenance projects in the aviation data space. Your day to day activities will include code reviews, refactoring, bug fixes, enhancements and new feature requests. You will be working with front-end and backend systems.


You have a Bachelor or Master in computer Science

You have 3 years of experience in .NET development

You develop in C#, .NET Core



Framework .NET: WPF, ASP.NET, MVC, …

Knowledge of angular and ASP Classic are an asset

This will be a part-time and remote role for someone to join the team and help with client work:

1) Understanding, Clarifying and Tracking tasks

2) Managing and agreeing priorities with the team and customers

3) Reporting on project status: email and meetings

4) Insuring the right people are working on the right things and project profitability

5) Supporting in the creation of project proposals

This will be a part-time and remote role for someone with existing Services Sales experience to join the team and help with Business Development activities:

1) Starting relevant conversations with the right companies

2) Building relationships, identifying and qualifying opportunities

3) Scoping projects with the support of the delivery team and creating proposals

4) Closing Projects and briefing the delivery teams

This will be a part-time and remote role for someone to join the team and help with Consulting activities:

  1. Working with the delivery team to write project proposals
  2. Workshops: plan workshops, create the content and deliver the workshop
  3. Training: Create content and deliver online training course
  4. Documentation: create presentation and project deliverables

Areas of knowledge could include: Product development, Marketing Automation, Product analytics, Project Strategy, Digital Transformation, …

Get in touch to know more


We are looking for a client facing technical consultant to join our team and help us scale the delivery and integration of Marketing Technology products: Data, Analytics, Marketing Automation (CRM).


You will be responsible for the technical deployment and integration of the marketing technology solutions listed on our partner page.