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Traditional CRM

Businesses still think of CRM as people who send a newsletter once a month. Most brands plan and execute their CRM activities manually, inefficiently and inconsistently.

It’s not anyone’s fault. The CRM discipline is evolving rapidly and the tools to manage CRM operations are just not there. CRM Acceleration Engine graph

THE Solution

Massive Rocket have developed a standardised approach to operating and benchmarking CRM programs. We have productised best practices from +100 Braze engagements that enable us to accelerate your Braze projects and truly increase the effectiveness of your campaigns at scale.

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Braze Value Acceleration

Key Benefits enables consistent and predictable customer value delivery. Services include Braze setup audits, data migration, performance benchmarking, impact reporting, and micro-segmentation design.

Comprehensive Braze Audits conducts thorough audits of Braze setups, covering data, configuration, and campaign elements, ensuring a robust foundation for customer engagement.

Seamless Legacy Data Migration
Migrate and import historical data from legacy ESPs, preserving valuable customer insights and history during the transition.

Campaign Performance Benchmarking
Gain insights into campaign effectiveness within the Braze ecosystem, allowing for data-driven optimizations and improved targeting.

CRM Impact Reporting provides clear reports on CRM impact and effectiveness, enabling ROI tracking and informed decision-making.

Micro-Segmentation Analysis
Create highly targeted micro-segments within Braze, enhancing personalization and customer engagement for better results and experiences.

Industry benchmarking

Massive Rocket’s proprietary Braze benchmarking engine —, provided immediate and detailed insights on campaign performance, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates.

charts showing the average open rate and average click to open rate

With large volumes of automated campaigns, is key in enabling campaign managers to understand the effectiveness of their email campaigns, allowing for data-driven decisions and optimizations.

The platform also enabled industry benchmarking involves comparing your email program’s performance metrics with those of similar businesses your industry or against yourself. These unique benchmarks are typically based on anonymous aggregated data from proprietary algorithms, industry reports, email marketing platforms, and market research.

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Segmentation Analysis

Massive Rockets proprietary micro-segmentation engine,,  enables customers to leverage customer behavior data to understand, segment, and engage with customers in a more targeted and effective way. It helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies, improve customer retention, and ultimately grow their revenue by focusing on the customers with the greatest potential value.

bar graph showing Micro-segmentation based on user behaviour: New - 34%, Activated - 26%, Regular - 21%, VIP - 13% and Super VIP - 6%

This critical analysis enables us to accelerate customers programs with:

Customer Segmentation analysis helps businesses divide their customer base into distinct segments based on their behavior. This segmentation enables tailored marketing strategies for each group.

Customer Retention analysis helps identify valuable customers who may be at risk of churning (i.e., no longer doing business with the company). Businesses can use this information to implement retention strategies to keep these customers engaged.

Resource Allocation
By focusing marketing efforts on segments with the highest scores, businesses can allocate their resources more efficiently, maximizing the return on investment.

Improved Customer Relationships
Businesses can use data to enhance customer relationships by personalizing interactions and offers based on individual behavior.

Data-Driven Decision-Making analysis provides a data-driven approach to decision-making in marketing and sales, helping businesses make more informed choices regarding customer targeting and engagement.

Revenue Growth
By identifying and nurturing valuable customer segments, businesses can increase customer lifetime value and overall revenue.


Braze & Salesforce

Massive Rocket is thrilled to announce the launch of its Braze to Salesforce connector.

Syncing customer records across Salesforce and Braze is crucial for businesses today. To ensure accurate data, Massive Rocket’s engineering team created a bi-directional connector bridging both platforms.

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Accelerate your Braze project

We productised best practices from +100 Braze engagements that enable us to accelerate your Braze projects.

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