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What is Mixpanel?
Mixpanel is a tool that allows you to analyze how users interact with your Internet-connected product. It’s designed to make teams more efficient by allowing everyone to analyze user data in real-time to identify trends, understand user behavior, and make decisions about your product.

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We help our clients accelerate change within their organizations via digital technologies and solutions that drive true business transformation and demonstrable value.

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We help digital marketing teams connect with product and engineering to deliver customer-centric experiences at scale: relevant, valuable and personalised… HUMAN.
Massive Rocket’s approach to digital transformation leverages a unique Connected Customer mindset to build technology-enabled solutions that propel businesses and delight customers.
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Mixpanel Implementation
Massive Rocket helped us focus our mobile app around the right metric. They then supported us in the selection of the right tools and implementation of a process to measure and accelerate our growth.

Collect accurate data

No matter what information is important to your business, get accurate customer and product data in real-time across mobile, web, and other platforms.

Identify trends

Once you’ve collected data, define key business metrics and see how they trend over time. Maybe you want to see how your users grow week to week or which webpage they interact with most. Identify all the patterns that matter to your business.

Understand the why

Now that you’ve identified the trends, understand why those trends are happening. Through correlation analysis, look-alike modeling, and other data science techniques, find out why users will likely engage, retain, and convert.

Massive Rocket Mixpanel

Mixpanel Guide to Product Analytics

Product management is riddled with buzzwords—growth loops, power user curves, big data, AI—and the sheer number of metrics, retention types, charts, and frameworks can overwhelm attempts to understand users and make better products for them.

This guide is a great resource to get started and get examples of how other companies are thinking about the same challenges you are facing.