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What is Rudderstack?
Rudderstack is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you collect, clean, and control your customer data. RudderStack is the easiest way to stream data from your website or warehouse.

Massive Rocket
We help our clients accelerate change within their organizations via digital technologies and solutions that drive true business transformation and demonstrable value.

We help you accelerate
Strategy | Planning | Execution | Integration | Tagging

Get the most out of Rudderstack right away.
Whether you need us to do all the work or just advise on the solution, Massive Rocket has a team of rudderstack Certified Data & Engineering experts to extend your team.
Real-time event streaming for customer data

Quickly deploy flexible, powerful customer data pipelines, then send the data to your entire stack—without the engineering headache.

Transformations: get full control over event payloads with code

Run your own JavaScript (and soon Python!) code on event payloads so you can customize integrations, fix bad data and enrich events.

Identity Stitching: build a 360 degree view of your customer in your warehouse

Unify your customer’s touch points across all platforms and channels.

Getting Started & Integration
Start a new implementation or upgrade an existing deployment.
Data Model Design, User ID Resolution,  API / SDK Integration: iOS, Android, Hybrid, Web, Backend, Data migration, Customer Data Platform, Data Warehouse, Analytics, …
Data Strategy
We help you take advantage of new channels, leverage your data for advanced segmentation and personalisation and improve your end-to-end customer experience.
Flesh out your use cases
Select the right KPIs
Map out your customer journeys
Identify new opportunities for engagement
Data Engineering
We help you deploy scalable processes, best practices and enable new use cases across channels.
Data Audit
Data Integration
Platform Configuration & Testing
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