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Aman & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Exquisite Luxury, Unparalleled Hospitality

Aman was founded in 1988 with the vision of building a collection of intimate retreats with the unassuming, warm hospitality of a gracious private home.

Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’, Aman Group has strategically evolved over the course of three decades to become one of the world’s most intuitive and pioneering lifestyle brands, with 35 exquisitely serene hotels, resorts and branded residences in 20 destinations across the globe.

Encompassing the iconic Aman, dynamic sibling brand, Janu, retail collection, Aman Essentials, design service, Aman Interiors, and maritime adventures, Aman at Sea, the Aman Group brands seek to redefine the notion of luxury, nurturing and nourishing mind, body and spirit for a life lived better.


Travel & Hospitality


Project Type

The Opportunity

Developing the Elusive Single 360 Customer Engagement View

Marketing and CRM teams had the opportunity to revolutionise customer engagement by unifying user views. By consolidating guest preferences and information across booking, check-in, and business units, Aman could move beyond fragmented data. This consolidation of data would enhance Aman’s ability to deliver seamless, personalised communication, elevating the exceptional and tailored experiences their guests expect and deserve.

Leveraging a Complex Business Model

Navigating a complex business model with 34 properties and diverse units like F&B, spa, and an e-commerce store, Aman transformed their data management. By consolidating data sources and integrating their MarTech stack, Aman achieved a unified guest view across properties and at the corporate level. This enhanced consistency and personalization of guest experiences, driving operational excellence

Unlocking Marketing Potential

By addressing data challenges and unifying fragmented data, Aman could enhance campaign personalization, segment audiences effectively, and implement cross-selling strategies. This would boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) through precise targeting and identifying high-potential customers. It would also streamline nurturing new customers and sharing the brand story, significantly improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Approach

Strategic Audit and Solution

With a deep understanding of the current landscape, the Massive Rocket team designed and deployed the optimal marketing platform to reach Aman’s business objectives.

Tech Stack Upgrade

Implementing the Customer Data Platform (CDP), Rudderstack transformed Aman’s data management. It collected, activated and unified data from various sources, giving Aman a single, comprehensive view of each guest across all touchpoints.

With Snowflake as Aman’s Data Warehouse allowed for the central processing of data while seamlessly transferring this data to Aman’s customer engagement platform, Braze. Snowflake also provided access to historical data, helping build a complete view of guests—past and present—while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Taking Customer Engagement to New Heights

Aman elevated their customer engagement to new heights with Braze, empowering them to pinpoint high-value users, automate processes, and optimise revenue across various business units. Collaborating closely with Massive Rocket, Aman’s teams crafted a CRM strategy that aligned perfectly with their business objectives.

Together, they executed industry-defining campaigns that were targeted, personalised, and revenue-focused. Their omni-channel communication plan ensured guests were reached through their preferred channels, including SMS, Whatsapp, IAM, and email.

To provide a true luxury guest experience, it’s essential to understand every detail of your guest’s preferences and anticipate their every need. To achieve a high level of personalisation, marketing and CRM teams require a single point of reference, with easily accessible data all in one place, updated in real time. Massive Rocket has built this for us, unlocking our marketing potential and boosting customer engagement.

Olivier Jolidon

Global Head of CRM & Business Intelligence

Aman Resorts

The Results

Campaign: Abandoned Basket


Aman Essentials have relied solely on BAU campaigns to deliver revenue for their business unit. With the adoption of Braze, Aman wants to activate automated campaigns to increase their monthly revenue.

A single abandon basket email, notifying customers of products left behind, to further enhance purchase decision and revenue was required.


  • Increase monthly revenue
  • Reduce dependency on BAU campaigns to drive sales

Business Impact

  • Increased monthly revenue, while reducing cart abandonment
  • Significantly increased sales within the first 3 months
  • Reduced BAU dependency on campaigns
  • Set foundation to activate more campaigns in 2024, and beyond

Email Template Enhancement


The Aman Group previously had limited functionality for email templates, leading to inefficiencies and suboptimal user experiences. Mobile vs. desktop previews couldn’t be customised, heat maps were unavailable, and the process of email building was very time-consuming.

With the adoption of Braze, Aman Group aims to enhance their email marketing templates across different business verticals and improve overall campaign performance.

Aman requires comprehensive email template enhancement, focusing on customisation and efficiency, to further improve user engagement and operational productivity.


  • Enhance email marketing templates across different business verticals (Aman Resorts, Aman Essentials, Janu)
  • Increase open rate and click-through rates
  • Improve time efficiency for building email campaigns
  • Unlock creativity in email design

Business Impact

  • Open rate increased had 40% uplift
  • Click-through rate increased by 0.5%
  • Developed various email layouts to address business needs and create a seamless user journey to the website
  • Improved time efficiency for building campaigns by 20%
  • Unlocked creativity in email design


  • BODY 6
  • BODY 7

Centralised Marketing Opt-In Data


Aman Group previously used multiple email platforms across different business entities, leading to a lack of centralised visibility on customer engagement and interaction with different sub-brands.

With the adoption of Braze, Aman Group aims to synchronise marketing opt-in data into one platform, enhancing the ability to manage customer engagement efficiently and effectively.

A unified opt-in data strategy, integrating various platforms, to further streamline customer engagement and data management was needed by Aman.

Business Objectives

  • Synchronise marketing opt-in data across all business entities (Aman Resorts, Aman Essentials, Janu)
  • Centralise visibility on customer engagement and interaction
  • Increase subscriber growth

Business Impact

  • Centralised marketing opt-in flow enabled a single customer engagement view
  • Integrated with the consent management preference centre to allow users to update their preferences in real time
  • Achieved seamless, automated opt-in and welcome journey with hyper-personalised content using Liquid Logic, and localisation within Braze
  • Activated preference-specific marketing
  • Subscriber growth increased by 22% vs. same time last year (STLY)

Customer 360-degree Engagement View & Personalisation

With a best-of-breed tech stack, Aman gained a unique, comprehensive view of each guest, enabling seamless, personalised experiences through automation, significantly enhancing customer engagement.
To further understand behaviour of user profiles, the team leveraged Snowflake Data Share, which helped enrich guest profiles while adding further insights.

A Strategic Partnership for Success

The Aman and Massive Rocket teams collaborated to form a strategic partnership, working together to overcome the complex data challenges and create a seamless flow of data to provide a real-time, single-customer view which in turn lead to highly personal and unique guest experiences, both online and in-person.

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