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Coop Pank & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Coop Pank is a rapidly growing Estonian bank that has experienced significant success since its rebranding in 2017. The bank’s strategy of offering simple, everyday banking services, coupled with its unique presence in Coop retail stores across the country, has resonated with customers and contributed to its rapid growth.

With a market share of 6% in both deposits and loans, Coop Pank has established itself as a significant player in the Estonian banking landscape. The shared goal of the Coop retail chain and Coop Pank is to further life in every corner of Estonia. With a growing customer base and a strong market position, Coop Pank is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come.


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The Challenge

Moving from Manual to Automated Customer Engagement

Bogged down by outdated workflows, Coop Pank yearned for a streamlined approach to customer engagement. Manual campaign management hampered their ability to personalize conversations and respond to real-time customer needs. Braze offered a lifeline, automating tasks and enabling efficient segmentation, paving the way for data-driven engagement that surpassed the limitations of their legacy system.

Create Rich User Profiles While Protecting Client Data

Personalization promised deeper customer connections, but data security was non-negotiable. Coop Pank needed a foundation of trust. They knew unlocking personalization’s full potential hinged on robust data governance and bulletproof security measures. Braze’s commitment to compliance and advanced security features allowed Coop Pank to confidently delve into richer user profiles, forging stronger connections with their customers while safeguarding their sensitive information.

Personalized Journeys Fuel Engagement and Retention

Coop Pank envisioned customer experiences that were valuable and sticky, encouraging continued engagement. The business need to craft personalized campaigns tailored to individual customer needs and preferences, leading to increased product usage and retention. This shift towards hyper-personalization would fuel a virtuous cycle of engagement, deepening customer relationships and solidifying Coop Pank’s position as a leader in modern banking experiences.

Massive Rocket’s expertise in Braze and their understanding of our unique needs were instrumental in our success. Braze has become a game-changer for Coop Pank, allowing us to build stronger relationships with our customers and drive business growth.

Kasia Eslas

Product Owner

Coop Pank

Our Approach

Upgrading the Experience: A Tech Stack for Engagement

Coop Pank’s quest for next-level customer engagement began with a strategic tech stack upgrade. Braze, chosen for its powerful capabilities, became the central hub. Seamless integrations were established across all key touchpoints: iOS and Android apps with robust push notifications, a dedicated web SDK, and direct access to backend data via the REST API. This comprehensive setup laid the foundation for delivering unparalleled, personalized experiences.

Campaigns that Captivate: From Onboarding to Delight

With Braze in place, Coop Pank unleashed a wave of engaging campaigns. Multi-channel customer onboarding journeys welcomed new members with warmth and guidance. A/B testing ensured every message hit the right note, while personalized recommendations and promotions across brands and products kept customers discovering, connecting, and transacting. Finally, card transactional messaging provided timely updates and valuable insights, further strengthening the bond between Coop Pank and its customers.

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