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Deezer & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Deezer is a global music streaming service that allows users to listen to music content from record labels and podcasts on various devices, online or offline. It is one of the world’s largest independent music streaming platforms, with over 90 million tracks available in 180 countries, providing access to lossless HiFi audio, innovative recommendation technology and industry-defining features.


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Project Type

The Challenge

Music preferences are as intimate and personal as it gets. People are specific about the kind of music they listen to, based on but not restricted to factors such as age, the music they listened to while growing up, mood, memories attached to a particular type of music, occasion, time of the day, so on and so forth.

Understanding what your listeners care about and anticipating what they may care about next is the name of the game. Now multiply that by millions of listeners, do that in real-time and use the information to talk to them across the appropriate communication channels. Easy, no?

Personalisation starts at the first touchpoint with customer acquisition targeting and follows the listener through the onboarding, activation and retention journeys. Deezer’s CRM team needed help capturing relevant data points throughout the journey to understand its listeners’ preferences and design experiences that engaged its audiences at scale.

The Solution

Massive Rocket helped Deezer’s CRM and Tech teams select, deploy and integrate a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for their Marketing & CRM stack, to overcome their challenges.

The process involved organisation readiness planning, integration planning, auditing the existing data setup and creating a roadmap to address high-priority items first. The Massive Rocket CRM team was driving the project to ensure the data collected was accurate and immediately usable in campaigns.

We’ve been a Braze customer for many years. Now, it’s time for us to take things to the next level. Our CRM teams are becoming more autonomous and data-driven.

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Our Approach

Audit & Discovery

Massive Rocket started with an audit of the Deezer Marketing Technology landscape and implementation. The team guided the CRM, Product and Tech teams at Deezer and helped them review the role of different components in the marketing stack. This exercise was critical in ensuring the success of the project.

Planning, Prioritisation & Design

Massive Rocket assisted in defining the initial use cases and priorities, the process for historical data import and the tracking plan for Braze and the CDP. This helped to ensure that all components of the project were working together seamlessly and that the team was able to get the most value from its investments.

Implementation & Deployment

The outputs of Massive Rocket’s audit enabled the CRM team at Deezer to improve and optimise their deployment of Braze. The Deezer team was enabled to operate more efficiently and autonomously through optimisations made to journeys, data setup, and audiences.

The Results

Massive Rocket improved the management and quality of the data in Braze by better understanding the use cases and connecting business needs to technical requirements. This allowed the streamlining of the data planning work and more accurate forecasting of data consumption costs.

Experience Optimisation & Personalisation

With a more accurate data set, the Deezer team is now able to execute more effective lifecycle campaigns focused on activating, retaining, and converting users and ultimately increasing the CRM programme’s profitability.

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