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Transform Your Fan Experience: Euroleague Basketball Drives Higher Retention Rates with Braze & mParticle.

Euroleague & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Euroleague Basketball (EB) is a global leader in the sports and entertainment business. It is devoted to running the top European competitions of professional basketball clubs under a unique and innovative organisational model. EB manages the continent’s two premier men’s basketball competitions, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup, as well as the sport’s premier under-18 showcase, the EB Adidas Next Generation Tournament. EB competitions bring the elite of European basketball to the global sports community through its OTT platform, EuroLeague TV.


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Project Type

The Challenge

No Single Customer View  (SCV)

Clubs and fans are at the heart of everything at Euroleague. To be relevant, you should know what teams, clubs, brands and content fans care about. Preferences change in real time, and you need to be right there with them. However, due to unconsolidated customer data, Euroleague struggled to understand the behaviour of digital fans and respond with personalised communication. This has resulted in missed opportunities to improve fan engagement, retention and partnerships.

Personalization and Targeted communications

The team needed the ability to gather comprehensive data about each customer’s preferences, behaviors, and interactions across various channels. This information allows for personalized engagement and content recommendations tailored to individual preferences, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

The Solution

Massive Rocket helped Euroleague’s marketing team select, configure and operate a best-of-breed Marketing Technology stack. The Massive Rocket team undertook an in-depth evaluation of Euroleague’s business requirements.

In four months, the team shortlisted relevant vendors based on the business needs and integrated the solutions to start running campaigns. Technology solutions included a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Data Warehouse (DW), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software.

Team Extension

Massive Rocket extended Euroleague’s Data & CRM team by adding data, engineering, design and campaign specialists in order to accelerate the program for the last few years. This provided Euroleague’s Marketing team with the process, outcomes and additional capacity to start, optimise and accelerate their Customer Engagement program.

You need to know what teams, clubs, brands and content fans really care about. Preferences change in real time, and you need to be right there with them to be relevant. Massive Rocket helped us connect with fans when and where it mattered the most.

Evan Planchon

Digital Manager

Euroleague Basketball

The Results

Massive Rocket was able to help Euroleague send personalised messages and offers to fans across different channels in less than four months. This resulted in a dramatic increase in fan engagement and loyalty and helped build a stronger relationship between Euroleague and fans.

Campaigns that convert

One of the biggest wins for Euroleague was implementing an ‘Abandoned Cart’ email campaign, which helped increase conversion and drive sales. The personalised and targeted approach was well received by fans and helped to build trust and engagement with the brand. Additionally, Massive Rocket helped to improve the return on ad spend by improving audience targeting, which allowed Euroleague to reach its target audience more effectively and to get the most value from its marketing efforts.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Single Customer View provides valuable insights into customer trends and behaviors. Sports and media businesses can use this data to make informed decisions about content creation, marketing strategies, and investment in specific areas of the business.

The Single Customer View also helps identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. For example, a sports team can use SCV to target customers who have previously purchased tickets but not merchandise, or a media company can recommend premium content or subscription packages to users based on their viewing history.

Fan engagement & LTV Growth

Another big win for Euroleague was the activation and engagement campaigns across the Euroleague ecosystem. These campaigns were designed to reach fans across different channels and to build a strong, engaged community around the brand, driving loyalty.

These achievements helped to drive the success of the project, thus resulting in positive outcomes for Euroleague and contributing to its growth.

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