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Gopuff & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Consumer goods and food delivery company

Gopuff is a leading Instant Commerce platform that brings thousands of everyday products to customers in minutes. The company stores its own inventory of about 4,000 products in hundreds of local micro-fulfillment centers, so, when you order, your stuff comes directly from us to you for as little as $3.95 per order.

Whether customers need cold medicine at midnight, a wine restock mid-dinner party, or just an afternoon ice cream treat along with paper towels, Gopuff provides a unique, reliable and magical experience to customers across the U.S. and U.K.


Consumer Goods & Food Delivery


Project Type

The Challenge

Digital Dominance

Consumers increasingly prefer online platforms for ordering, prompting businesses to optimize user-friendly websites and apps.

Preference for Personalization

Many online platforms use data analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize the shopping experience. They offer product recommendations based on past purchases, browsing history, and user preferences, making the shopping process more tailored and efficient. Customization is key, as customers expect personalized recommendations based on past orders and preferences.

Scaling Customer Engagement

The customer engagement practice at Gopuff is a major growth & retention driver with key business units based in the US & UK markets.

Internal team have a deep understanding of seasonality and consumer needs however, in order for the GoPuff consumer engagement program to scale operationally, they require the ability to rapidly strategise, design, develop, test and launch campaigns at scale and across time zones and regions.

Our Approach

True Team Extension

Massive Rocket created a Braze-specialised team for GoPuff based across US & UK regions to compliment internal skills in order to enable the business to scale up and down on demand.

Massive Rocket’s global team of Braze specialists became a true extension of the Gopuff family. Together the teams enabled Gopuff to plan, execute and optimise large volume of communications across regions as well as increase their effectiveness over time.

Key skills provided include: Project management, Braze Strategy, Braze Execution, Campaign operations & Email Development. | Industry benchmarking

Massive Rocket’s proprietary Braze benchmarking engine —, provided immediate and detailed insights on campaign performance, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates.

With large volumes of automated campaigns, the platform was key in enabling campaign managers to understand the effectiveness of their email campaigns, allowing for data-driven decisions and optimizations.

The platform also enabled industry benchmarking involves comparing your email program’s performance metrics with those of similar businesses your industry or against yourself. These unique benchmarks are typically based on anonymous aggregated data from proprietary algorithms, industry reports, email marketing platforms, and market research.

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Campaign 1: Gamification Program

Campaign Overview

Gopuff recognized the remarkable success of their “Spin the Wheel” campaign, in which users are encourage to Spin the Wheel on the Gopuff app and win exclusive prizes.

The team worked on the implementation of an automated lifecycle communications to remind customers about the available spins, prizes, coupons, and their purchase missions.

Campaign Goals: Drive users to participate in spinning the wheel in order to increase the volume of orders and maximize overall revenue.

Campaign 2: Welcome Journey Optimisation

Campaign Overview

Gopuff aimed to optimise their existing Welcome lifecycle by incorporating messaging that highlighted their newest loyalty initiatives.

The team implemented a second optimized variant of the journey with updated messaging and introducing new channels to the flow: push messages, in-App messages and personalisation banners.

Campaign Goals:  Increase the number of users to completing their first purchase.

Campaign 3: 2nd Purchase Journey Optimisation

Campaign Overview

The Gopuff team wanted to improve the performance of their first order journey. A critical journey on the path to long term user retention.

The team deployed a number of strategies in order to refine the flow. These included personalised product offers based on previous purchases, customised Puff points content based on the customer status, addition of new channels and experimentation with new trigger points.

Campaign Goal: Increase the number of users to completing their second purchase.

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