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Huckleberry & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Transforming Your Child’s Sleep

Huckleberry have reimagined the way parents can improve their child’s sleep. They combine the expertise of pediatric sleep specialists with cutting-edge AI technology to craft a personalized sleep plan tailored to your family’s unique needs.

Their approach involves analyzing your child’s routines, developmental stages, and more to pinpoint the optimal sleep schedule. They provide insightful predictions to help you understand your child’s sleep patterns better.

As your child grows and reaches new milestones, their platform adapts to accommodate their changing needs. Huckleberry simplifies your life by tracking daily schedules and long-term sleep patterns, allowing you to savor every moment with your child.

Their team comprises sleep experts, data scientists, and experienced parents who understand the challenges you face. With Huckleberry, they’re here to support your journey to better sleep for both you and your child.


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Project Type

The Challenge

Crafting a CRM Strategy

Huckleberry sought assistance in crafting a robust CRM strategy. They needed resources and guidance to effectively engage with customers, boost trial-to-conversion rates, and reduce monthly subscription churn.

Migrating to Braze

In parallel, Huckleberry aimed to migrate sleep schedules into Braze. This migration was essential for harnessing actionable data, helping them achieve their goals of enhancing customer tracking and reducing subscription churn effectively.

Our Approach

Developing a Comprehensive CRM Strategy

In our partnership with Huckleberry, our primary objective was to develop a comprehensive CRM strategy tailored to their unique needs and objectives. This entailed a multifaceted approach, starting with the identification of gaps in their Lifecycle Marketing Journeys.

Through the use of our diagnostics platform, collaborative workshops and ideation sessions with the client, we formulated a roadmap to enhance their customer engagement. This involved the creation of an onboarding journey, designed to optimize the transition from a free trial to upsell conversion, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Migrating and Optimizing in Braze

An integral part of our strategy was migrating all sleep schedules into Braze in order to collect more data. This in turn allowed the segmentation of the user base, ensuring that communications became highly personalized and relevant. Additionally, we optimized all campaigns for dark mode, aligning with evolving user preferences (parents using the app at night). Through execution and post-launch analysis of promotional campaigns, we continuously refined our approach. A/B testing and iterative improvements based on performance analysis further ensured that our strategy was fine-tuned for maximum impact.

Continuous Improvement and Recommendations

Throughout our collaboration, we conducted multiple strategy workshops and provided optimization recommendations to Huckleberry. Our approach was marked by a commitment to ongoing improvement. A/B testing remained a cornerstone of our strategy, enabling data-backed decisions and iterative enhancements. Regular reporting and recommendations for optimizations kept the client informed and ensured that our efforts were continually aligned with Huckleberry’s objectives. This approach not only helped Huckleberry migrate successfully to Braze but also positioned them for sustained growth and improved customer engagement in a dynamic market.

The insights provided by and the Massive Rocket team are invaluable. The platform help us benchmark the performance of our CRM program, identify areas for improvements and understand where to invest our time moving forward.

Jean San Agustin

Director of Brand Marketing

Huckleberry Labs


Campaign Overview

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With that being said, the team wanted a fun way to celebrate mothers all over the globe for this Mother’s Day. The challenge was to put on the biggest digital Mother’s Day card exchange, and encourage anyone and everyone to be a part of it.

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