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Ishka & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Ishka: Empowering Informed Decisions in Aviation Finance

Ishka is a leading provider of data, analytics, and advisory services for the global aviation finance community.  They act as a trusted partner for airlines, investors, lessors, and other stakeholders navigating the complexities of the aviation industry.  Ishka empowers informed decision-making with a comprehensive suite of offerings,  including:

Market Intelligence: Ishka delivers in-depth market insights through their “Ishka Insights” service. This includes data-driven analysis and expert commentary, keeping clients informed of critical trends and opportunities.

Credit Risk Assessment: Ishka’s “Airline Credit Profiles” provide a powerful tool for evaluating airline creditworthiness. By leveraging proprietary data and advanced analytics, Ishka generates authoritative credit scores, helping clients make informed investment and trading decisions.

Transaction Expertise: Ishka’s “Transaction Economics” service offers unparalleled clarity into aircraft pricing and transactions. With unique, proprietary data sets, Ishka helps clients understand current market dynamics and confidently navigate aircraft valuation, leasing, and investment decisions.

Strategic Consulting: Ishka’s team of seasoned advisors, led by industry pioneer Eddy Pieniazek, boasts over 40 years of experience. They provide expert guidance to leaders across the aviation finance spectrum, from airlines and investors to lessors and manufacturers.

Industry Events: Ishka challenges the traditional conference format with their innovative “Ishka Events.” These interactive events foster valuable networking opportunities and deliver world-class content, both in-person and through their virtual Ishka+ platform.


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The Challenge

The Challenge of Manual Processes

Ishka, a well-established name in the aviation financing industry, traditionally relied on manual methods to generate comprehensive aircraft reports for buyers and lessors. These reports were invaluable resources, offering detailed insights gleaned from a multitude of industry data sources. However, the process itself was painstakingly manual. Industry experts dedicated significant time and effort to data management, data entry, and data manipulation – tasks that were not only time-consuming but also prone to potential human error.

This reliance on manual processes presented several limitations for Ishka. Firstly, it hindered scalability. As the demand for their reports grew, so did the need for additional manpower, which could be a costly and resource-intensive endeavor. Additionally, the manual processes limited the speed at which reports could be generated – a crucial factor in a field where time-sensitive decision-making is paramount. Recognizing these limitations, Ishka set their sights on a transformation: the creation of a truly disruptive SaaS platform dedicated to serving the aviation financing industry.

Partnering for Innovation: A Vision for a Streamlined Future

Massive Rocket, a forward-thinking engineering firm, emerged as the ideal partner for Ishka’s ambitious project. By combining Ishka’s deep industry knowledge with Massive Rocket’s expertise in cutting-edge technology solutions, the stage was set for a transformative collaboration. The shared vision was clear: to develop a SaaS platform that would revolutionize the way aircraft insights are generated and delivered.

Unlocking Scalability and Revenue Growth Through Automation:

At the heart of this vision lay the concept of automation. By automating the previously manual tasks of data management, entry, and manipulation, Ishka aimed to achieve significant improvements in efficiency and scalability.

Standardization: The platform would establish a consistent and streamlined approach to processing data, ensuring accuracy and eliminating potential inconsistencies arising from manual procedures.

Automation: Repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks would be replaced by automated workflows, freeing up valuable human resources for more strategic endeavors.

Acceleration: The entire process of generating reports would be significantly accelerated, allowing Ishka to deliver insights faster and cater to a wider client base.

These improvements in efficiency and speed would not only benefit Ishka internally, but would also translate into tangible advantages for their clients. Faster turnaround times for reports would empower buyers and lessors to make timely and informed decisions, ultimately enhancing their competitive edge in the aviation financing market.

The Solution

Team Extension

Massive Rocket became an extension of Ishka’s existing team. Massive Rocket set about taking ownership of the product and learning the intricacies aircraft valuations.

Key skills provided

  • Agile Project Management
  • UX & UI Design
  • Web Development (react)
  • Devops
  • QA

The Massive Rocket team acts as an extension to our team and is consistently focused on delivering results for our business. Massive Rocket’s approach to project management and delivery has ensured that we get the right results in the shortest possible time frame.

Gehan Talwatte

Executive Chairman

Ishka Global

The Results

Ishka Takes Flight with Streamlined Data Access

Massive Rocket’s collaboration with Ishka empowered them to transform their data access and analysis capabilities. Within the first month, a foundational platform iteration was deployed, allowing Ishka to begin testing core functionalities. This rapid pace continued – just two months later, a fully functional prototype was rolled out for evaluation by the entire Ishka team.

The platform revolutionized Ishka’s access to critical aviation finance data. Users can now access a wealth of information with a single click, including:

Transaction Details: Purchase prices, lease rates and terms, security deposits, and maintenance reserve balances.

Lessee Insights: Credit ratings and business models of lessees involved in transactions.

Market Transparency: Unprecedented historical and current lease deal data for a range of aircraft types.

Powerful Search & Filtering: Refine searches by manufacturer, vintage, specific dates, and various charting parameters.

This rich data, meticulously researched and curated by Ishka’s dedicated team, provides unique insights into aircraft transaction trends. This empowers Ishka’s users to confidently evaluate future transactions and benchmark against actual market data – a significant advantage in the fast-paced world of aviation finance.

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