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Increasing flightview® Retention: Happy and Active Users

Flight tracking app from the leaders in real-time flight information.
Track upcoming and in-air flights throughout the world, and receive status alerts via push notification.

Flight Data

OAG is the world’s leading provider of travel data and insights, offering a comprehensive range of status, schedule and deep analytical tools to the air travel ecosystem (+250 airlines and +300 airports).


As part of OAG’s acquisition of real-time flight information B2B business flightview Inc, OAG took responsibility for flightview’s flight tracking app. Despite ongoing success a mixture of increased competition, lack of significant updates and legacy technology debt had led to the app beginning to show its age, evidenced by the static user base and revenues.

Massive Rocket was tasked with bringing expertise in mobile product development and marketing strategy to accelerate the growth of the mobile business.

Massive Rocket have become the Mobile (and front-end) extension to the OAG engineering team. Their niche skills and expertise have helped us accelerate our growth on mobile.
Caroline Mather
Marketing Director, OAG

Designed and deployed a clear tag plan and analytics strategy across all versions of the app.

  • Data Integration
  • Northstar Workshop
  • Product analytics
Mobile Development

Designed and deployed a CI / CD process for rapid releases. Application development and maintenance.

  • Digital Product Roadmap
  • Mobile App Strategy
  • Rapid prototyping
  • DevOps – CI / CD
  • Mobile and Web development
Marketing Automation

Designed and deployed a phased approach to marketing based on incremental value deliveries.

  • CRM Workshop
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Marketing Automation Workshop


Massive Rocket worked side-by-side with the OAG team and released critical bug fixes within the first weeks of the project. This directly increased user engagement and satisfaction. The team has now partnered deeply with OAG to deliver core improvements to the platforms such as application stabilisation, new feature releases and user complaint resolution.

We saw major improvements to the app store ratings in the first 3 months of the projects and these are trending upwards with each new release. This approach has also re-activated thousands of dormant users and reduced the load on the application support team.