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Papa Johns & Massive Rocket Customer Story

Delivering Better Pizza with Unwavering Quality

Papa Johns isn’t just another pizza chain. For over 30 years, they’ve been a household name synonymous with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From their humble beginnings crafting pizzas in a broom closet in Jeffersonville, Indiana, to their current presence in over 5,000 locations across 44 countries, their commitment to quality has never wavered.

They believe in using only the finest ingredients to create pizzas that are better than the rest. This dedication to quality is reflected in their signature sauce, fresh dough, and variety of toppings. Papa Johns isn’t just about satisfying cravings; it’s about delivering a delicious experience that keeps their customers coming back for more.


Consumer Goods & Food Delivery


Project Type

"Complex migration completed in record time"

The Challenge

The importance of providing a truly personalised experience to pizza lovers cannot be understated – from personalised greetings to offering exclusive deals based on previous orders. Not to mention, customers appreciate when their favorite dressing or drink choices are remembered.

Papa Johns prides itself on providing a superior pizza experience, but for a while, creating a seamless customer journey wasn’t quite as easy. They faced some challenges in delivering a truly personalised experience for their pizza lovers.

Fragmented customer views, data silos, and disconnected systems can limit marketing potential, particularly for businesses such as Papa Johns operating vast networks of stores, offering diverse products, and providing intricate services such as online ordering and pizza delivery.

Lacking a clear understanding of customer preferences and behaviour makes it challenging to create personalised promotions or identify high-value customers for targeted campaigns. With the aim of delivering a truly personalised customer experience and better utilising their marketing potential, Papa Johns made the strategic decision to partner with Massive Rocket for optimising their Martech stack.

Our Approach

We employed an innovative and a structured approach to help address Papa Johns’ challenges:

Audit & Tech Stack Optimisation

Papa Johns partnered with Massive Rocket to conduct a thorough audit of their existing systems. This audit provided a clear picture of Papa Johns’ data landscape, highlighting the disconnected nature of customer information. Equipped with this knowledge, the Massive Rocket team designed a solution that would unify customer data and unlock its full potential.

Migrating to Braze & Connecting to Snowflake

With a unified data source in Snowflake, Massive Rocket enabled Papa Johns to migrate their customer engagement platform to Braze within just 3 months. Braze, powered by the comprehensive customer data from Snowflake, allowed Papa Johns to take personalised marketing to a whole new level. Braze’s features enabled Papa Johns to identify their most valuable customers and tailor special offers and promotions specifically for them. Additionally, Braze facilitated the automation of marketing campaigns, ensuring timely and relevant communication with each customer.

Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level

The combination of a unified data platform and a powerful customer engagement platform like Braze allowed Papa Johns to revolutionise their customer interactions. Papa Johns, armed with a deep understanding of their customers, could now craft targeted and personalised messages across various channels, including email, SMS, social media, and even WhatsApp. This omni-channel approach ensured Papa Johns reached its customers on their preferred platforms, delivering relevant promotions and offers that resonated with their individual preferences. This shift to a data-driven customer engagement strategy strengthened customer relationships and also opened doors to maximise revenue streams across all Papa Johns’ business units.

Massive Rocket Services Delivered

  • Braze onboarding & Training Delivery
  • CRM Audit & Strategy
  • Migration to Braze
  • Snowflake integration to Braze
  • Ongoing Braze Campaign Planning and Execution

Massive Rocket team have done major work on transactional emails x40 and improved delivery by 61% after migrating to Braze. This has improved our customer and franchise experience in Q1.

Kanchan Lad

Sr. Product Manager – Marketing Technology

Papa Johns

The Results

Personalised Communications & Sales Growth

With a complete customer profile at their fingertips, Papa Johns could now tailor messages based on individual preferences and purchase history.

Welcome emails became more targeted, offering recommendations based on initial orders.

The Papa Rewards programme leveraged purchase data to suggest relevant rewards and encourage repeat business.

Personalised promotions enticed customers with deals tailored to their past purchases.

Win-back campaigns for lapsed customers or abandoned carts became more effective with personalised messaging, leading to increased engagement and recovered sales.

Local stores also gained valuable insights into their customer base, allowing them to create targeted promotions and marketing efforts within their communities.

A Strategic Partnership for Success

Massive Rocket’s collaboration with Papa Johns went beyond just marketing stack acceleration. Massive Rocket formed a strategic partnership, working closely with Papa Johns’ marketing team to understand their business goals, develop a data-driven marketing strategy and continuously deliver value.

Ultimately, this new-found ability to personalise marketing campaigns resulted in:

1. Increased customer engagement
2. Higher loyalty programme participation
3. Overall sales growth

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