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Massive Rocket & Salesforce.

Your certified integration partner to accelerate change. Revolutionize the way you connect with your customers.

Massive Rocket is a global Salesforce Consultancy. We extend your team with Salesforce specialists: Strategy, Operations, Migration, Integration & Data.

Massive Rocket Customers

Braze Connector


Massive Rocket is thrilled to announce the launch of its Braze to Salesforce connector. 

Syncing customer records across Salesforce and Braze is crucial for businesses today. To ensure accurate data, Massive Rocket’s engineering team created a bi-directional connector bridging both platforms.

Get the most out of Salesforce right away.

Whether you need us to do all the work or just advise on the solution, Massive Rocket has a team of Certified experts to extend your team.

1. Build & Migrate

Design and deploy your Customer Engagement Stack with Braze at the heart.

2. Launch & Operate

Kick-start your Customer Engagement journey and get value from your technology investments. Plan, execute and optimise your day-to-day operations. 

3. Accelerate & Optimise

Scale your customer engagement program and grow your Customer Lifetime Value.


Sales Cloud

We focus on a core implementation of the #1 CRM platform in the world, The platform’s strength is it’s flexibility to meet the demands of any organization across industries. As you expand and grow your use of the platform, it is important to have a solid initial implementation built with both best practice and industry-specific experience. The flexibility of Sales Cloud allows you to analyze, manage and understand every aspect of your company, putting you in control.


Service Cloud

Our Service Cloud implementations are driven by the three tenets of the “The Seamless Experience”

Improve the customer experience with consistency. Unnecessary features do not earn loyalty; providing a consistently good experience does.

Allow agents to focus on the customer. Providing agents with a highly optimized case management console and improving their departmental process will give them more time to listen to customers and act appropriately.

Harvest customer interactions to improve operational efficiency. Agents are accumulating highly valuable data; analyze it and act.


Data & Integration

Too often organizations invest in technology and analytics platforms without considering the state of the data they are putting into those systems. Understanding, integrating and delivering quality data is essential for effective decision-making within Salesforce. Our experts put data quality before analytics by helping organizations through a process of standardization, cleansing, de-duplication, and enrichment. With new-found confidence in their data, organizations can gain accurate insights into their business.

Beyond Salesforce

Salesforce pairs well with many of our technology partner solutions.

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