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Data Engineering & Analytics.

Build your 360 Customer view & drive rapid insights with a scalable, modern data analytics solution in the cloud.

Massive Rocket is a global Data Engineering & Analytics Consultancy. We extend your team with specialists: Architecture, Migration, Integration & Analytics.

Massive Rocket Customers
Your customer data is your competitive advantage.

Remember the past and anticipate the future.

Massive Rocket Snowflake

Get the most out of your Cloud Data Warehouse.

Whether you need us to do all the work or just advise on the solution, Massive Rocket has a team of Certified Data Scientists & Data Engineers to extend your team.


Data Architecture

We design and build modern data architectures that promote the use of high quality, relevant, and accessible data. These cloud solutions help reduce administrative costs, increase productivity, and are built to scale seamlessly as your business and your data grows over time.


Visualization & Reporting

Whether your reporting needs some fine tuning, you want to migrate to a new analytics platform, you need help choosing the right tools, or you want to find more meaning in your data, we will help you optimize an enterprise-wide analytics solution.


Cloud Data Infrastructure

We can deploy cloud solutions, optimize your cloud architecture and spend, and migrate your data analytics without disrupting your business operations.


Data Management & Ingestion

We use modern data integration technology and techniques to clean and transform all of your data across the enterprise, regardless of form or function, in a single trusted location for unified analysis. Our integration processes can be replicated, interrupted, iterated on, and easily understood.


Data Modernization & Migration to cloud

We will guide the migration of your current data assets to the cloud. Your custom migration plan will include stand-up and configuration of your Cloud Data Warehouse.