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We have data & crm specialists in your industry, and we share knowledge, ideas, and methodologies across our industry teams.

Cross-industry vision

We have specialists in your industry, but we also share ideas, methodologies, and knowledge across all our industry teams. By drawing from our collective expertise from retail to life sciences, we offer a wide-angle view on unconventional solutions—because the best approach is rarely the most familiar.

Media, Gaming & Entertainment

Customer engagement is pivotal for media, gaming, and entertainment companies due to their unique characteristics. In these industries, content consumption relies on immersive experiences and emotional connections. Engaged customers spend more, generate word-of-mouth referrals, and provide feedback for content improvement.

Interactive elements in gaming and personalized content recommendations in media and entertainment enhance engagement. The intense competition in these sectors necessitates fostering strong customer relationships to ensure ongoing success, making customer engagement a critical factor for growth and sustainability.

Case Study: Deezer

Experience Music Like Never Before: Deezer Builds Next-generation Multi-channel Personalisation through Data & CRM

Consumer Goods & Food Delivery

Customer engagement is critical for Consumer Goods & Food Delivery companies because it influences brand loyalty, repeat purchases, and customer satisfaction. In these industries, where choice is abundant, creating meaningful connections through personalized offers, efficient service, and responsive communication can set companies apart.

Consumer Goods companies benefit from engaged customers who become loyal brand advocates, while Food Delivery companies rely on seamless interactions to ensure customer retention and positive reviews, essential for their growth and reputation in the competitive market.

Case Study: Gopuff

Delivering large-scale personalised omnichannel communications across markets with Braze.


Customer engagement is crucial for Sports companies because it fosters fan loyalty, drives ticket sales, merchandise purchases, and boosts sponsorships.

Unique to these industries, emotional connections between fans and teams or athletes are deeply ingrained, making fan engagement pivotal for financial success and cultural impact.

Case Study: Euroleague Basketball

Transform Your Fan Experience: Euroleague Basketball Drives Higher Retention Rates with Braze & mParticle.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Customer engagement is critical for Banking, Finance & Insurance companies because trust and confidence are paramount. These industries handle sensitive financial matters, making personalized service, transparent communication, and responsive support crucial.

In banking, customers need to feel secure in their financial decisions, while in insurance, trust in coverage and claims processing is essential. Engaging customers effectively builds long-term relationships, aids in risk assessment, and fosters loyalty, vital for success in these highly regulated and competitive sectors.

Case Study: Hastings

Delivering personalised and human experiences to Insurance customers powered by Snowflake, mParticle & Braze.